New Mother Gave Birth to Baby Do not Exercise To Excess Milk is Not Sour

New Mother Gave Birth to Baby Do not Exercise To Excess Milk is Not Sour

New mothers sometimes want to rush to lose weight by exercising harder. But you should not exercise too much for ASI (Air Susu Ibu), which produced no acid.

"If a nursing mother to do strenuous exercise or too much will form lactic acid in milk, so that the milk became sour taste that makes the baby would not breastfeed," said Dr. Inge Permadhi, MS, SpGK Nutritalk event: Healthy Inspirations for Women of Indonesia in Hong Kong Cafe , Jakarta, Tuesday (07/06/2011).

Dr Inge said nursing mothers sometimes want to quickly lose weight so that excessive exercise.

Generally, nursing mothers will produce about 750 cc of milk every day, this condition is also equivalent to the weight loss of about 200-500 calories per day. Which means in a week can reduce about 0.5 kg.

"So with breastfeeding actually help you lose weight naturally," says nutrition specialist from the Department of Nutritional Sciences Faculty of medicine.

In addition, mothers who are breastfeeding must also consider the nutrients it consumes, because anything that enters the body of the mother will affect the milk like taste.

Dr Inge said composition of a balanced nutrition for nursing mothers is:

High carbohydrate to replace the glucose that is used in making the lactose from milk
High protein to help the process of growing children, because of the growing children need protein
Getting adequate fluid intake to prevent dehydration in nursing mothers
Eating fruits and vegetables to get the intake of fiber, vitamins and minerals

"ASI should therefore be a source of DHA omega-3 consumption is high. DHA functions in growth and development of the nervous system including brain, retina development and function of vision," he said.

Another thing that must be considered by nursing mothers is to avoid:

Alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs
A strong spicy food because it can alter the taste of breast milk
Food that has been contaminated for example with harmful preservatives or food coloring such as rhodamine B
Foods that can make a baby be allergic to, if indeed the baby known to have allergies such as eggs, milk, nuts
The spicy food because it can make a baby into diarrhea
Consumption of coffee because it can make a baby to be sensitive and awake as well as reduce the absorption of iron contained in breast milk.