Playing Hula Hoop Benefits Just Like Walking 7 km / hour

Playing Hula Hoop Benefits Just Like Walking 7 km

Swaying hips while hula hoop game is one of the most effective way to lose weight. Judging from the number of calories burned, this activity equivalent to walking 7 km / h like when you're in a hurry.

With these speeds, walking can burn as much energy as 210 calories in 30 minutes. If playing hula hoop provide equal benefits, then this activity is as effective for burning fat and slimming the body.

This is evidenced in a recent study by John Porcari, a fitness expert from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. In the course of a study involving 16 volunteers Porcari women, with ages varying between 16 to 59 years.

The volunteers are participants hula hoop choreography class, a kind of collaboration between the game hula hoop with the art of dance. In one session, Porcari observing the amount of calories burned and heart rate during 30 minutes of playing hula hoop.

In addition to find that playing hula hoop for 30 minutes can burn as much energy as 210 calories, Porcari also revealed that heart rate increases up to 151 times / minute. This shows that the hula hoop can also keep the heart muscle fitness.

Porcari The results will be presented at the annual meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine that was held this week in Denver, the United States.

Hula hoop fitness is a tool of a circle that played by shaking his hips. The diameter of a tool that is generally made ​​of rattan or plastic is varied, the greater are usually more easy to play even though its weight is also more severe.

At fitness centers, play hula hoops are usually included in the material provided in an aerobics class. Because of constant motion, playing hula hoop is very good to maintain fitness while burning calories, especially in the form of fat in the waist.