Seeing the Color Red Make Muscle Gaining Strength and Lively

Seeing the Color Red Make Muscle Gaining Strength and Lively

Instinctively, human muscles become stronger and move faster when he saw all things red. If you do not believe, observe reflex when a wife slapping her husband who came home with red lipstick-stained shirt.

The above example may be too extreme, but it can be compared with the response when a student receives a report card that all red contents. Heart muscle will definitely work more quickly, thus beating very fast and uncontrolled.

Likewise, when a man ran into a pretty girl on the street and are interested to follow it. If the girl in the red dress, without realizing the man's footsteps will be faster than if the girl wearing a shirt with another color.

Andrew Elliot, a professor from the University of Rochester, New York, said in an instinctive movement of human muscle is influenced by the color red. In the concept of evolution, this tendency is useful to prevent people from danger.

When a person appears on the face, the red color often expresses anger is mounting. If you want to survive, someone who is dealing with opponents that his face began to redden his muscles have to move faster to get out or prepare to defend themselves.

"The threat in the form of a red color can trigger anxiety, making distracting and sometimes disturbing comfort. It all affects the physical and mental condition," said Prof Elliot was quoted as saying of Dailymail, Saturday (04/06/2011).

To prove this theory, Prof. Elliot conducted experiments on 46 students. Clutching a special tool to observe the strength of grip, the participants were asked to read tightly written a few words with a different color.

After comparison, the hand grip of the students tend to strengthen when reading the brightly colored red, especially bright. Volume during red reading is also higher than that observed when reading the text in another color.