Fridays Shoegasm and Fawk You Friday

 Take My Friday's Shoegasm button and link up a post of your favourite pair of  mind blowing heels. Remember to leave a comment that you've linked up so I can come and visit.  You know I love my shoes.  Most of you Northern Hemisphere Plonkers are probably wearing sexy summer sandals now, right?

Gold sparkly, £65, Debenhams
440 ZAR -

Christina Louboutins $1165
13 535 ZAR -
225 ZAR -
3 630 ZAR -

Link up with Boobies and Christy for Fawk You Friday

BWS tips button

  • Fuck you to the Plonker who still has not arranged a scale at my gym.
  • Fuck you to my empty purse.  I desperately need a haircut, don't you know??
  • Fuck you to the Engen One Stop for a Hot Chocolate that looked and tasted like fucking dish water.  I was so looking forward to that cuppa Hot Chocolate (all week!!)
  • Fuck you to my laptop whose battery is fucked and I have to keep it plugged in wherever I go.  No wireless for me.
  • Fuck you to my Ford Focus ST that has a cracked radiator and I have to spend 15 minutes each morning filling up the water container which, in the dead of winter hurts my hands because you have to turn that knob at least 4 dozen times before it comes off and goes back on.  By then my hand is lobster red and throbbing and the fact that I can't just Pop the bonnet and need to use a stick...Och, I don't wanna go there....
Have an awesome weekend!